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IRTS de Lorraine

Institut Régional du Travail Social de Lorraine (IRTS de Lorraine)

Websit: www.irts-lorraine.fr 

Metz site
41 avenue de la Liberté
Ban Saint Martin
CS 50029
57063 Metz cedex 2
Tel +33 387 31 68 00
Fax +33 387 31 68 29

Nancy site
201 Raymond Avenue Pinchard
BP 2009
54100 Nancy
Tel +33 383 93 36 00
Fax +33 383 93 36 54
Those attending IRTS de Lorraine are mostly students, and trainees from the initial or higher education (full-time or employment status), ongoing training and validation of devices acquired from experience.

The IRTS de Lorraine welcomes trainees from 18 to 50 years.

The main services:

The IRTS de Lorraine provides multi-professional training of social workers. It contributes to the research and promotion in the professional circles of social action. Serving the Lorraine region, the center of social work education adheres to the national policy of social formations in a European context.

IRTS de Lorraine is a center for training and research in social work approved and subsidized by the state. The IRTS is administered by Lorraine Association for Training and Research in Social Action (ALFOREAS). This association aims to promote and develop in different areas of social action, social and economic integration and social and cultural development, initial training, ongoing and superior research. The IRTS de Lorraine works in partnership with professional social workers and trains professionals in social work by alternating theoretical and practical training.

The Institute fulfills all the tasks assigned to training centers in social work: initial training, higher education, continuing education, skills assessment and support to the recognition of prior experience, and scientific research and cultural activities.

Different services and partnerships complement the training system. The department produces research studies within academic and professional partnerships. The department of international relations is developing cooperation with European partners and international levels to promote the mobility of people. The audio-visual department and new technologies involved in the promotion of social work in the field of Culture of the image.

As part of its mission animation and scientific and cultural dissemination, IRTS de Lorraine works in close partnership with the Forum of IRTS-IRTS Studiolo Lorraine and Lorraine.Educational, entertainment and research activities developed by the IRTS de Lorraine are mainly oriented in the field of social professions and relate the plane of the Grand East of France nearly 5600 students and postdoctoral students.

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