La Cordée

Name of the organisation: La Cordée ASBL

Country: Luxembourg

Website: www.lacordee.lu

Contact person for ARFIE: Sylvie Hirtz


Languages:Luxembourgish , French , German, English

Set-up with the support of APEMH and TRICENTENAIRE, the association aim is to design, implement, coordinate, evaluate and promote all forms of social support and assistance for people with disabilities.



APEMH Formation et travail

Name of the organisation: APEMH Formation et travail

Country: Luxembourg 

Website: www.apemh.lu

Contact person for ARFIE:   Fernand Haupert


Languages: Luxembourgish , French , German, English



A.P.E.M.H. et U.F.E.P.

Address : 10, rue du Château, L-4976 Bettange-sur-Mess
Tel : +352/ 37 91 91 - 1 | Fax : +352 / 37 16 96 | E-Mail :
Website : www.apemh.lu  - www.ufep.lu
Contact person : Raymond CECCOTTO
Languages: Luxembourgish , French , German, English


  • Children and adults with intellectual disabilities and special needs
  • Different degrees of intellectual disability
  • With or without associated disorders

Age: All ages of life (childhood, adulthood, old age)


  • Management of various structures adapted to users' needs based on their disability, age and degree of dependence) of day care (day care centers and day activity services) , services of education and care for children.
  • Management of different services involved in the context of the home support , guidance in parenting, in an open environment , in terms of communication and easy language, in terms of inclusion and rights .
  • Management of a training and permanent education unit UFEP , working with services for deployment plan internal training and is aimed at all professionals in the social sector and the sector assistance and care of the country.

Founded in 1967 by parents of  children  with intellectual disability, APEMH  has pursued its activities for 46 years in favor of people with intellectual disabilities and their families .
APEMH missions consists in  defending the rights and interests of people with intellectual disabilities and managing a provision of facilities and services that can  meet the  theirs diverse range of support needs, through an  inclusive approach that encourages full participation and self- determination.

All APEMH professionals operate with the aim to ensure a good quality of life for users, including vocational training and the constant evolution of know how practices as to guarantee  the best quality and personalized services to the user.

Type of organization and membership: Non-profit association, an association of parents.

Cooperation with local and European organizations

At the national level:

  • With national industry federations ( EGCA and COPAS ) and other managers Handicap sector ( Platform Handicap: Tercentenary Elizabeth Ligue HMC Foundation Kräizbierg , CHNP Service Info Handicap , etc. . )
  • With government : line ministries and public funders and
  • Services of common rights of medical, psychiatric, children , housing, etc. .

At European level:

  • With Inclusion Europe
  • With ARFIE ,
  • With Lebenshilfe
  • With EAMHID ,
  • Within the framework of European programs and projects of the European Commission.


Association d’aide par le travail thérapeutique pour personnes psychotiques a.s.b.l.
Ateliers thérapeutiques et ateliers protégés Kehlen - Ehlange - Schieren - Ettelbrück

ATP asbl
Address : 8 ZI L-8287 Kehlen
Tel : ++352 / 33 33 47 - 1 Fax : ++352 / 26 33 16 83 E-Mail :
Contact person : Sandrine BEM
Language (s): French , English, German , Luxembourg
Handicap: psychic, mental health / psychiatry
Age groups: Adults 18 +

  • Therapeutic workshops for mentally ill persons , rehabilitation - vocational and social
  • Sheltered Workshops

ATP association :
"The association aims to help the mentally ill. It aims to promote their integration into reality by creating favorable conditions as to enable them to achieve the best possible quality of life on what regards  social psychiatry. This can be achieved through the creation and management structures suitable for this purpose as also through disseminating information and providing training.
ATP association helps mentally ill via social and professional rehabilitation. It offers patients a framework adapted to their restrictions skills in a work environment.

Offers two services are currently offered to patients:

  • A therapeutic offers
  • An offer of employment contract of indefinite duration (sheltered workshop : Act 22 September 2003 on the disability income ) .

Both deals are concurrent. That is to say that both offers coexist in the same workshop, locally where the work is performed.

The actions undertaken in workshops are respectful of restrictions skills caused by the disease and help maintain them and / or increase them (at various levels: social, psychological , professional ) by providing professional activity adapted by artisans trades and experience. This in conjunction with a psychosocial team and the various networks constituting the environment of the person ( doctors, social workers , families, home monitoring service .... )

The activities take place in four sites, Ettelbruck , Walferdange , Schieren and Ehlange . Approximately 40% of patients have  been granted  the disabled worker status and signed a contract of employment within the sheltered workshops.


Address :31, Duerefstroos – L-9766 MUNSHAUSEN
Tel : +352 26 91 11-1             Fax : 26 91 09 57
E-mail :         
Website : www.fal.lu

Working language(s) :  German, French, English and Luxembourgish
Disabilities and special needs : Autism
Age : Children, asolescents, adults with autism  

Main services :

  • Accommodation Since 2002, the Foundation has three homes on his site Munshausen. The three homes welcome 20 people with autism. As well as infrastructure support are ideally suited to people of disability and dependency. The aim is to ensure that these adults  have  dignity life and their sights and needs are matched  while aiming their integration into society
  • Day Centre: The center hosts Munshausen day, in addition to 20 persons accommodation, 6 external users every day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30. It provides them with activities such as gardening , kitchen, laundry , crafts, sports, relaxation and recreation.
  • Diagnostic Evaluation: In 2003, the Luxembourg Autism Foundation has expanded its services tin assessments of diagnostic. The Foundation now supports families in their efforts to obtain a diagnostic assessment of their child and help in implementation of a program of support.
  • Hobbies: Summer camps for children and young people are regularly organized with the assistance of volunteers and professional staff of the Foundation.

The Luxembourg Autism Foundation was recognized as a public utility by the publication of the Grand-Ducal Decree of 6 October 1996.

Its main purpose is to promote and defend the rights of people with autism in Luxembourg, whatever the severity of their disability and to intervene when those rights are threatened.

The Foundation intends to enforce the rules of ethics and human rights that are enshrined in the Charter of the Rights of People with autism presented by Autism Europe and adopted penny shaped Written Declaration by the European Parliament in 1996.

In addition, the Foundation strives to further expand its range of services and strives to meet the needs not yet covered in Luxembourg.

Fondation Kräizbierg

Nom de l’organisation : Fondation Kräizbierg
personne de contact pour l’ARFIE : Sabine Dumont & Danielle Cardone
E-mail :
Languages: French, Luxembourgish, German and English.
Website: www.kraizbierg.lu


  • Physical Disability predominant and associated disabilities;
  • Persons with severe disabilities and multiple disabilities.

Age: Within households, the age is between 17 and 80 years and varies homes and various types of disability of residents.


  • General and vocational training in various fields: office worker, pottery, gardening, multimedia and screen layout , computer and creative  activities
  • Support for people with multiple disabilities within the Activities Day Services;
  • Accommodation in residential facilities;
  • Assistance in the home " Betreit Wunnen Gaasperech » Service ;
  • Medical services provided by medical specialists in functional rehabilitation;
  • Service of functional rehabilitation and monitoring: physiotherapy , hydrotherapy , occupational therapy, speech therapy and followed by psychologists ;

The Foundation aims to improve the social inclusion of the physically disabled , especially in terms of prevention , medicine , education , schooling , rehabilitation , training for and adaptation at work, social inclusion.

Chaired by Mr Henri Grethen , the Foundation made Kräizbierg November 18, 1977 , now manages six residential facilities , service training, day care facilities (including a sheltered workshop which currently employs 103 disabled employees ) and others specialize in the field of physical disability services. A person with disabilities must be fully integrated into everyday life and participate in our society

The cooperative society has developed many services and currently provides employees with disabilities sectors varied activities , grouped into four departments:

    > provides administrative and accounting service
  2. MULTIPRINT department
    > printing, screen printing and multimedia creation .
  3. The department CRAFT / CREATIVE
    > gardening , pottery, craft creation and finishing - selling products in our store Bréck .
  4. Department SERVICES
    > ensuring the delivery of business services and subcontracting activities (packaging, packaging ...)

Ligue HMC

Address : 82, route d’Arlon B.P.49, L-8311 Capelle,n
Tel : +352 |30 92 32 244  Fax : +352 30 51 01
E-mail : |                     
Website : www.ligue-hmc.lu
Contact person : Claudine Nosbusch
Working language(s) : Luxembourgish, French and German
Principal disabilities and special needs :   Intellectual Disability
Age groups : from 18 years on  

Services provided :

  • Training and employment
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Leisure and Creative Activities

Created in 1963 to support  the mentally disabled , the HMC League is committed to cultural, social and professional inclusion of  people with intellectual disabilities.

 The services and structures of HMC League are personalized to the needs and abilities of persons with disabilities and aim to provide personalized care within the development of the autonomy of the persons user in the fields of: education, employment , sheltered workshops, leisure and meeting consulting services.

All stakeholders of  the HMC League: people with mental disabilities, staff and volunteers are active participants within the development of the services.  all of the stakeholder share League HMC such as: quality services, autonomy, active participation, accountability and mutual respect.

www.ligue - hmc.lu


T.A.C.S. asbl

Name of your organisation:  T.A.C.S. asbl
Country:  Luxembourg
Contact person for ARFIE: Beissel Gilbert

Language: French - German - English
Handicap: All persons under judicial protection (Guardianship), especially people with disabilities
Services: financial management, administrative and social records of persons under guardianship / curatorship

Groupe Tricentenaire

Name of your organisation:  Groupe Tricentenaire

Country: Luxembourg
Contact person for ARFIE: Christophe Lesuisse, DG, treasurer ARFIE

Languages: Our Board of Directors  speaks:  Luxembourgish , French , German, English , Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

Handicap:  Users with multiple disabilities , physical disability , mental disability, sensory disability, behavioral associated disorders.

The various services offered are 93 beds in 5 five community based living arrangmentse ( Walferdange (2) - Heisdorf (2) - Prettingen ) , 66 day care places ( Walferdange , Heisdorf and Bissen ) 9 training center ( Bissen ), 32  employment places  for  disabled,  3 workshops cooperative s " workshops Tercentenary " TRIprint (printing) , chocolaTRI ( artisanal chocolate ) and prestaTRI ( business services) . In addition, 289 people are employed with the aim to  help and care our Network Hëllef Handicap ( support specialized home). The " 321 Vakanz " service offers trips suitable for people with disabilities or reduced mobility . Finally, with another association, we co-manage a production kitchen " TriDoc SA " which employs 11 people,  including two with disabilities . Nearly 300 employees and volunteers are in service to the users and their  families.

Since 1979 Tricentenaire ensures  (in collaboration with the user and their families): support to the disabled within everyday activities : such as: accommodation  , assistance and care , psychosocial support and counseling , training and work, sport and entertainment recreation ( also suitable travel), as well as social integration, based on a holistic approach with the aim to provide personalized care since fundamental in ensuring human dignity and   improved quality of life.

In 1998, the Tercentenary opened support specialist home network, which now supports nearly  289 people with disabilities .

 In 2006 TriDoc SA attelie was born as a result of collaboration  between two association with the aim to co- manage a central kitchen .
"The workshops Tercentenary - cooperative society" , created in 2009  has  32 employees with disabilities in three workshops : chocolate craft , design and digital printing services to companies .

 In 2010,  Tricentenaire and  APEMM   together have based  « La cordée asbl », specializing in disability

 In 2013, instead the " Tricenetenaire  workshops”  became the  founding member of the " Luxembourgish Union for social economy - ULESS”


Yolande asbl, St Joseph Institute , Betzdorf

Address: 2, rue de Wecker L- 6832 Betzdorf
Country: Luxembourg
Contact person for ARFIE: MWilly de Jong
Tel : 00352/691719325, 00352/450774-5005 Fax :00352/450774-5019
E-mail :

Languages: Luxembourgish, German , French , English
Impairment / disability

  • intellectual disabilities
  • multiple disabilities

age group do  from 5-85 years, but there is no age limit


  • Hosting services
  • Services day care
  • Services of sheltered workshops
  • Training services

Yolande operates shelters and day care facilities for people with disabilities and the  provides services relating to the socio- educational support and care and support for people with disabilities.

The association Yolande managed the following institutions:

  • St Joseph Institute , Betzdorf
  • Réimecher Heem , Remich
  • Foyer St Joseph , Esch- Alzette
  • Wolleken , Niederanven

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