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ENABLE Dissemination Workshop in Luxembourg



On the 11th of May took place in Luxembourg the first ENABLE Dissemination Event.

Enable is an Erasmus+ project whose aim is to improve how adults learn about Co-Production and how they teach others on Co-Production.

The event aim was to raise awareness and disseminate the intellectual output co-designed, co-delivered and co-evaluated with other local social service providers.

However, the event was not only the occasion to present the project and its results to an international audience, but also a moment to present what co-production is and what does it mean for the users. In particular, after the presentation of the project and its objectives by APEMH, the project coordinator, the participants were involved in the Marketplace: several tables where organised to involve the guests and present and discuss the values promoted by the project. Every table was enriched by 2 panels where co-production was described and where users where invited to present their experience.
The marketplace was followed by the work at the tables where guests and users where invited to discuss 9 situations in a co-productive way:

  • Plan your "house": how to proceed together?
  • Build up a charter for decision makers: how to proceed with interviews?
  • "Parliament on living": Meeting on living between user, family, educator,..
  • Build up a charter for journalists: how to proceed ?
  • Set up the rules for a meeting ;
  • Clear roles in the meeting ; common decision making;
  • How to communicate in easy to read;
  • Use technologies for planning and reporting,
  • Interview to find out the needs for future trainings

Partners collected feedbacks from the tables and presented them to the whole audience at the end of the session.

The event was concluded by a speech from a representative of ANEFORE, Luxembourg National Agency, and by the greetings from Raymond Ceccotto, APEMH General Director.



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